Billion Dollar Gran

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Billion Dollar Gran Slots

Billion Dollar Gran is a video slot game that stars a wealthy grandmother sitting on huge amounts of money in savings. The game, which was developed by Microgaming, features a funny story and an animated soundtrack. It also features a cat and a mouse to make the game more enjoyable. Notably, Billion Dollar Gran is a video slot game wherein players can earn extra cash by spending it on cats and WesFunk

Tea and Biscuits

And coins are scattered all over the floor. While Billion Dollar Gran is a classic slot game, it boasts an original design that makes it stand out from the crowd at first sight. The background of the game invites players to take a look inside the modest living room of a frail and sweet old lady. Her cat is blissfully asleep on a cushion, while coins and banknotes are tossed all over the floor. The screen also displays the paytable, command buttons and bright, flashy lights. Notably,

Pet the Cat and Let the Reels Spin Loose

Click the spin button to set the reels spinning. You will then be taken to a second set of reels, similar to the basic one but with 5 paylines available times. You can also click the nudge and hold buttons below each reel to either change the reel position slightly or hold it in place for another spin. The game matrix contains 3 spinning reels and a single payline in the middle. Symbols lining up on the payline award “winspins” instead of cash prizes.

Double Paytable

A jewelry box and the famous grandma herself can win up to 25 winspins on this game screen. The first game matrix works like the first, with the exception that your wager is now fixed. Hit the spin button and cross your fingers and you might hit the jackpot. Billion Dollar Gran has 7 different reel symbols, which award the famous winspins. You can win up to 25 winspins if you are lucky. On the second screen, the paytable changes to include several new symbols such as a cruise boat and

Last Game before Dinner

You might be able to trigger Billion Dollar Gran’s bonus feature and win even bigger prizes. Line up three bowling balls on the payline and watch the fierce old woman throw the balls across the lawn. Your bonus cash prize will depend on the position in which the ball you choose lands. The colour of the bowling ball you choose will determine your prize. Notably, Grandma loves bowling outdoors as her favourite pastime.







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