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WMS Slots – Our Free WMS Slots and Software Review

With different intellectual properties. Williams Interactive, better known as WMS, has been producing quality gaming equipment for many years. Some of the products developed by the company have played a major role in transforming the gambling trend from standard mechanical slots to games that are designed with different intellectual properties. Additionally, WMS is famous for creating new innovative ways to decide payouts.

Unique Technologies in WMS Slot Machines

Facebook users have shared a game application called 'Lucky Cruise' to collect "lucky charms" – the prizes offered instead of cash. Players can enlist their friends and ask for help in the game application, which is available for free play. The app allows players to collect “lucky charms” – the prizes offered instead of cash. Notably, WMS has been offering its online gaming options to people over 18 years of WesFunk

WMS: Company Overview

Transmissive Reels was the first of such technologies. It is a gaming platform that has video animations emerging on and over mechanical reels. One of the company’s finest inventions is the BlueBird2. It includes HD displays on a 22-inch wide screen, an illuminated printer, and Bose speakers. The latest cabinets to be designed by the company are the Gamefield xD and Blade (2013).

The Best WMS Slots to Play Online

Scientific Game Corporation is expected to become a Scientific Game subsidiary by the end of 2013. WMS Gaming made its entry into the slot machine industry in 1994. By 2001, the company released its Monopoly themed slots. Individuals who hold shares of WMS will have the right to obtain $26 for each share. When the merger materializes, WMS will have its stock ceased from trading on the NYSE. Scientific Games will shell out around $1.5 billion on the acquisition.